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Custom Medication Compounding Pharmacy   

Military and Veterans receive a 15% discount on all over-the-counter products.

Welcome to Nora Apothecary – where we care about the health of you, your family, pets and our community. Our customized compounding means you can receive your prescriptions the way you prefer, including making your dog’s pills taste like bacon!

The name Nora means light and that’s what we’re committed to – shining a light on health information for you. As part of that, we’ve created a health education program, a comprehensive informational program that will help you optimize your wellness and longevity with many options beyond just medications, diet and exercise.

Custom Medications & Compounding

We pride ourselves on taking the extra time, and making the extra effort to work closely with our prescribers and patients to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

Veterinary Medications

From delicious, chewable treats to flavored suspensions to transdermal gels applied to the ear, compounded medications make it easier to administer treatments to each individual pets.

Highest Quality Supplements & Vitamins

Nora Apothecary recognizes the many benefits nutritional supplements can provide when used properly. Poor agricultural practices have caused soil depletion and the decrease in the nutritional content of both plant and animal products. High quality supplements and vitamins are one way of getting the vitamins and minerals we all need to help our bodies be their best.

Why We Do It

Some of the kind words our customers have said about us.

  • “I wanted to be sure to let you know just how impressed we have been with your team. Every time we have needed something, you and your awesome folks have come through for us. Today we had someone that needed some urgent compounding and because of your support we were able to give them what they needed! Our ability to exceed the expectations of our patients and their families is only possible because of a terrific relationship with Nora Apothecary. Please pass on my gratitude to your team!”

    Dr. Pabla and Staff

  • “Thank you so much for your help with my patient last Saturday. You may have just saved this dog’s life. I felt so much better finally knowing he was on the right medication. Your service was fantastic!”

    Dr. Kelly Barnes

  • “Thank you so very much for all of your excellent service and courtesy over the years. You provided life-prolonging medications for my kitty. Nora Apothecary can never be forgotten. Thank you!”

    Judy (Nora Apothecary Customer)

  • “You are truly a very kind and generous group of people. I wasn’t able to afford my dog’s medications this week and because you knew how badly we needed them, you offered them to me at half the cost. Because of your generosity, he is doing so much better and is back to the sweet little guy he was before he got sick. Kind gestures such as yours are few and far between these days and I couldn’t go without thanking you again!”

    Mandy (Nora Apothecary Customer)

  • “Thank you for being so friendly and for expediting my prescription for my sick kitty. I love the whole concept of your store. What a great and much needed service! Thank you.”

    Paul (Nora Apothecary Customer)

  • “Thank you for helping us for the past six years for keeping Max healthy. You and your team were always so accommodating to whatever changes we needed and we cannot thank you enough. Max was so important to us and with your help we were able to enjoy almost 18 years of his sassiness and old man attitude! Thank you.”

    Aimee (Nora Apothecary Customer)

  • “Thank you for your wonderful customer service. You are all so attentive, so timely, and full of kindness. Thank you for all that you do!”

    Arlene (Nora Apothecary Customer)

  • “I cannot thank you enough for taking such good care of my cats. You have gone above expectations by making the treats for them. You have made this transition much easier. Once again, I thank you so much!”

    Penelope (Nora Apothecary Customer)

* Kindly note that compounded medications are custom-made for each patient and cannot be returned.

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