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Anna Kantzavelos

Nora Apothecary co-owner Anna has been a licensed Physician Assistant for nearly 20 years. Since 2015, Anna has been working with her husband to operate and expand Nora Apothecary. Together, they have expanded to offer services beyond their local community by offering online health education for anyone wanting a trusted source of health information and guidance. She and Tony are also the inventors of Visi-Cleanse, a non-irritating, hypoallergenic wipe designed for the eye area for those who suffer from conditions including dry eye, blepharitis, conjunctivitis, eye allergies or who are recovering from eye surgery.
Anna is also a certified Go-Giver speaker and in her free time enjoys traveling, reading, volunteering, and planning fun experiences to do with her family.

Tony Kantzavelos, Pharm.D.

“Come in any time…I look forward to meeting and serving you.”
A pharmacist for nearly 20 years, owner Tony Kantzavelos loves the personal “mom and pop” feeling of the pharmacy and really getting to know his patients and their needs. As he puts it, “A compounding pharmacy really gets back to the true art and practice of pharmacy.” “I also love and appreciate the rich history of this building and the people who served this city and its residents before we purchased Nora Pharmacy in 2015.” Tony is passionate about meeting people wherever they are in their health journey and helping them make progress towards better health.
When he’s not in the pharmacy, Tony is rooting on the Toronto Maple Leafs (the best NHL team ever!), traveling, exercising and spending time with his wife and kids.

Tony Kantzavelos, Pharm.D. & Anna Kantzavelos

Owners of Nora Apothecary

Our History

In 1962, pharmacist Vern Horton purchased what used to be a home, and converted it into a pharmacy. Vern’s original pharmacy was in Brazil, Indiana, but he saw the potential in Indianapolis, and moved his family and practice here. The entire apothecary was based on compounding medicine and the only OTC (over-the-counter) product Vern initially carried at Nora was Crest toothpaste!

In 1969, Chuck Lindstrom was a pharmacy student at Butler University, drove by the apothecary one day and walked in. He was hired as an intern and worked there until he graduated later that year. Chuck then practiced as a pharmacist there until he purchased the apothecary in 1973. Patients began asking for more OTC products and so Tylenol, aspirin, and vitamins were introduced into the pharmacy. Throughout the decades, Nora Apothecary has continued compounding custom medications for patients, while continuing to expand their offerings and services to include the highest quality supplements and vitamins available, and personalized health consultations, labwork, and health testing.

In 2012, Chuck met Tony Kantzavelos, a fellow pharmacist, at a medical conference, and the two became friends. Two years later, Chuck asked Tony and Anna if they’d like to purchase Nora Apothecary to continue its legacy of superior customer service and making patient’s health its #1 priority, while also expanding its offerings. Tony and Anna were honored and purchased Nora Apothecary in 2015.