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What is Compounding?

Compounding is the art and science of preparing customized medications for patients to improve care. Compounding allows a practitioner to prescribe, and a pharmacist to prepare, a customized medication that is not available commercially, or to place an available medication in a different dosage form to meet a specific patient need (such as allergies or sensitivities) and improve compliance.

Who can use Compounding?

Compounding can be used for just about anyone. Children benefit from having flavors added to make their medications easier to swallow. Adults can use compounding to help alleviate unwanted side effects. The family pet can benefit from compounding to make their medications and vitamins easier to take.

What is a Common Reason to Compound?

Many patients are allergic to preservatives or dyes, or are sensitive to standard drug therapies. Physicians also prescribe compounded medications to change the strength, or alter its form to make it easier for the patient to ingest.

Can you combine medications?

Yes, often it is possible to combine several medications into a single dosage form such as a capsule, sublingual lozenge, troche, transdermal gel, or suppository.

Do you offer Flavors?

Yes, we have an array of different can flavors to suit the individual’s palate, and eliminate aftertastes of medication. Physicians can prescribe compounded medications to change the flavor to make it more palatable.

I can't take pills. Can you change the dosage form?

Absolutely. We can prepare many medications using several unique delivery systems, such as a liquid, sublingual lozenge, or transdermal gel, transdermal patch, suppository, cream, or ointment.

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