Nora Apothecary

Pharmacy Services

Custom Medications & Compounding

Nora Apothecary creates mediations tailored to your individual needs.

We pride ourselves on taking the extra time, and making the extra effort to work closely with our prescribers and patients to ensure you receive the best treatment possible.

Veterinary Medications

From delicious, chewable treats to flavored suspensions to transdermal gels applied to the ear, compounded medications make it easier to administer treatments to each individual pets. Nora Apothecary makes high-quality, custom compounds to help ensure the health of your pet.

Ophthalmology Compounding

Commercially available products found at your retail pharmacy may not be suitable to treat your eye condition for a variety of reasons. You may have sensitivities or allergies to certain preservatives in which case we will prepare the needed medication without the aggravating preservatives.

Dermatology Compounding

Specially compounded medications for the skin can have a wide range of uses. From acne treatments to sunburn medications to psoriasis preparations, compounded dermatological medications can have an important impact on the health of your skin.

Hormone Replacement Therapy

In mid-life, people’s normal hormone levels decline and can cause uncomfortable symptoms. Hormone replacement therapy is one treatment option that patients can choose in consultation with their doctor

Anti Aging Medications

At Nora Apothecary, we expertly prepare a line of topically applied cosmeceutical products. A cosmeceutical is exactly what you may think it is – the combination of a cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, and pharmaceutical grade ingredients.

Dentistry Compounding

At Nora Apothecary we understand that patients have different levels of oral health and different tolerances for various types of medicines. Despite these differences, many pharmacies only carry the most frequently prescribed oral medicines and therapies in order to meet the most patient needs…

Pediatric Compounding

As most parents are well aware, taking care of a sick child can be quite a challenge. The fact that children commonly dislike taking medication only complicates the management of your child’s care. Some of these difficulties can be removed by the creative approach we take to pediatric medication administration.

Non-Prescription & Over-the-Counter Products

Millions of people regularly take vitamins and minerals to supplement their diets. Sometimes their diets lack certain nutrients, or a dysfunction in the body prevents the nutrients from being absorbed properly. In cases like these, supplemental vitamins and minerals can be very useful…