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custom compounding for hormone replacement

Custom Compounding for Hormonal Replacement Therapy

For many women, the middle years can be a time of frustrating hormonal fluctuations that leave them feeling mentally and physically drained and tired. The good news is that women don’t have to suffer through this life period without help. Hormone replacement therapy has long been used to help alleviate these symptoms.

What are some of the signs that a woman should look into hormone replacement therapy?

She underwent a hysterectomy before menopause.

Having a hysterectomy before menopause unfortunately means that a woman is significantly more likely to need hormone replacement therapy.


She is suffering from low libido and vaginal dryness.

Contrary to widespread myths, there is no need for women to lose their sex lives due to hormonal fluctuations caused by menopause.


She finds herself dealing with hot flashes and insomnia.

A few hot flashes are normal, but if a woman is being debilitated by them, and they are causing insomnia, then hormonal replacement therapy might be in order.


Significant mood swings, anxiety or depression become part of life.

Women may experience changes in mood with the onset of menopause, but if a woman experiences depression and/or anxiety symptoms that disrupt her daily life, hormonal replacement therapy may be needed.


Any woman experiencing the symptoms described above, or experiencing a lower quality of life due to menopausal symptoms, may find it useful to look into hormonal therapy options.

However, every woman’s hormonal levels and needs are unique, and mass-produced medication therapies do not serve every woman’s needs. This is where custom compounding for hormone replacement comes in. Every woman’s level of hormonal imbalance is different, and a compounding pharmacist will work with the patient and her doctor to create custom hormonal therapy treatments tailor-made for that patient to help address symptoms caused by fluctuating hormones during menopause. Many treatment options are offered, including progesterone, triestrogen, biestrogen, testosterone, DHEA, and thyroid hormones.

A good compounding pharmacy will offer custom hormonal therapy medications in a variety of forms, including capsules, sublingual drops and troches, suppositories, mini-suppositories, vaginal creams, and topical creams. This makes it easy for a woman to choose a method that is both comfortable and effective. Nora Apothecary, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, is one such pharmacy that understands the importance of personalized care and meeting the unique needs of each individual patient. Nora Apothecary creates custom medications as unique as the patient herself.

Custom compounding for hormonal replacement therapy can help women navigate the difficult parts of hormone imbalance with grace and health, and offers the perfect solution for any woman who wants to work with her doctor to create a hormonal therapy treatment plan tailored to the specific needs of her body.