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Can Your Pet Benefit from a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy?

Custom compounding, the art of creating custom, tailor-made medications for people, has been used by doctors and pharmacies for decades to treat human patients. However, most people probably don’t think about veterinary medications when they think about custom compounding.

However, pets are also in need of custom compounding of medications. Why? Because just like humans, a one-size-fits-all approach to treating animals does not work. They are all unique with different risk factors, needs, dosages, etc. For example, the needs of a Toy Poodle are much different than those of a Great Dane, and mass-produced medications won’t meet the needs of both equally.

There are many reasons that a pet owner, and their pet, can benefit from a veterinary compounding pharmacist.

The pet is allergic to a common ingredient.

When dealing with a pet allergic to gluten, dairy, or any other common ingredient, it may be difficult to find mass-produced medications that are free of the troublesome ingredient. A veterinary compounding pharmacist can help to create a medication with the active ingredients the pet, needs but without the added fillers and allergens.

The pet has a difficult time taking medications.

A veterinarian may prescribe pills for your pet, but the animal simply won’t swallow them, so an alternative option is needed. A compounding pharmacy can create the medication in other forms including treats, gels, and liquids, among others. Also, flavoring like fish or chicken can be added to make the medication more palatable for the pet.

The pet is rare or exotic.

Perhaps the pet is a gopher tortoise or sugar glider. Less common pets are harder to treat with mass produced medications. There are less options available that are tailored to that specific animal, and sometimes there are none at all. A compounding pharmacy can create and compound a medication specific to nearly any animal, no matter how rare.

Pets come in all sizes.

The dosage for a small dog most likely needs to be dialed down from the dosage for a large dog. It is important to be cautious about dosages with respect to the size of the animal. A compounding pharmacy tailor-makes the medication to make sure it is the appropriate dosage for the pet’s size and weight.

These are just a few examples of how a pet owner, and pets, can benefit from the services that a custom compounding pharmacy has to offer. One veterinary compounding pharmacy is Nora Apothecary. Nora Apothecary knows how important pets are in our lives. Pets are not just animals; they are family. As such, Nora Apothecary in Indiana offers top-quality products and personalized medication to help your pet get, and stay, healthy.