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Tips for Choosing a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacist for Your Pet

As the weather changes seasons, many of us experiences allergy symptoms that can be agonizing without being able to alleviate them with medications. What you may not realize is that your pets can suffer from seasonal allergies and other allergies as well, and they might have intolerance to traditional medications. In these cases, you’ll need a veterinary compounding pharmacist for your pet in order to help to determine the best remedy for them.

Why Choose a Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy at All?

Medications for pets are different than medications for people, but there are some similarities in the additives. They might include things like wheat, eggs, dairy, or soy that contribute to allergies. A veterinary compounding pharmacy can customize medications for your pet, without the unnecessary additives, so that you can be sure the treatments used to treat your pet won’t exacerbate any conditions or allergies they might have.

Research Carefully

You wouldn’t go to a doctor without doing a little research first and you shouldn’t choose a veterinary pharmacist without checking them out either. Choosing a veterinary compounding pharmacist requires a little effort, but is worth it to ensure the health of your pet. Ask how long they have been creating custom pet medications, if they have only done a few or if they have a lot of experience creating them, and read or ask for patient testimonials.

If your pet is showing symptoms of allergies, have them seen by a veterinarian, and ask if a custom compounded medication that is free of additives and unnecessary ingredients would be a good option. Then speak with a knowledgeable veterinary compounding pharmacist to learn more about what options are available.

Don’t Try this At Home

As you research about natural treatments for your pet, you may be tempted to try and treat your pet on your own at home, but this may not be safe. While there are some natural ways to help your pet, only a licensed pharmacist knows how to safely and effectively create medications tailored to your pet’s specific needs. Nora Apothecary is one such veterinary compounding pharmacy with the experience and knowledge you need to get the superior service your pet deserves. Call to find out more today.