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What is Health Coaching?

Health coaching is an increasingly popular form of personalized health and wellbeing support. It is designed to help people reach their health, nutrition and lifestyle goals. A health coach offers professional guidance, support and accountability towards those goals. It is a collaborative approach to wellbeing that focuses on making lifestyle changes to enhance overall health. This can include things like improving nutrition and physical activity habits, losing weight, or reducing stress.

Health coaching takes into account your individual needs and lifestyle. A health coach will work with you to identify which changes will work best for you and your lifestyle, as opposed to one-size-fits-all advice. Your coach will discuss your goals, assess your current lifestyle and discuss practical strategies to help you move forward. This could include dietary changes, physical activity recommendations or ideas to help you manage stress. Health coaches provide personalized guidance and support to help clients identify their goals and create an action plan to reach them.

From a nutrition perspective, a health coach will help you to create a nutritional plan tailored to your individual needs. This might involve setting simple and achievable goals, exploring food preferences, discussing portion sizes and making any necessary adjustments to ensure that you feel comfortable and can stick to the plan. Ultimately, a health coach will help you to choose the right nutrition and lifestyle choices to best reach your goals. For instance, a health coach may help clients make dietary changes that support their health. This may involve learning how to read nutrition labels, understanding food portion sizes, and modifying their diet to reduce carbs, fats, and sugars. For those looking to lose weight, a health coach may provide advice on how to create a calorie deficit while still getting enough nourishment, and suggest the right balance of physical activities such as walking, running, and weight training.

As you can see, health coaching provides personalized guidance and support and is a great way to get the encouragement, advice and accountability you need to help you reach your health and wellbeing goals. With an experienced health coach to guide you, you’ll find yourself making healthier choices with confidence and feeling better than ever. At Nora Apothecary, we are licensed healthcare providers who offer a more in-depth take on traditional health coaching. We review your medications and supplements, labwork, symptoms, and stressors, among other things, and make recommendations, whether it is for a specific condition or diagnosis, or helping you find the cause of your symptoms. We’re here to be your partner in your health.